Lions Message in a Bottle

What is the Message in a Bottle

As the name suggests, a simple piece of paper asking pertinent questions that contain vital information about you, directed at the Emergency Services, which allows them to make quick and accurate decisions on what action to take at the point of contact. A white plastic bottle containing a form with vital information about you that could save your life. This form is kept in a small plastic bottle fitted with a push fit lid which you keep in the fridge. The Emergency Services are trained to look in the refrigerator door. They will be alerted to this bottle by two ‘green cross’ labels, one fixed to the back of your front door, the second is attached to the fridge door.

A summary of the information to put on the form is:-

It provides vital information for the emergency services in the event of being called to your home. It could save your life.

Bottles are available FREE OF CHARGE

From Doctors’ Surgeries

Lions clubs and many other places

For more information on Message in a Bottle please contact us on 0845 8337495